Are you a pastor interested in hosting a travel program? Is your congregation or organization large enough to host its own travel group?

The mission of our faith-based travel program is to bring you closer to God through travel experiences and fellowship with other believers. Our custom travel opportunities focus on the unique needs and interests of Christians. Since many congregations are too small to run their own travel program, we design tours that bring together members with similar interests and values from many congregations.

Rhode Island Travel offers custom trip planning services for congregations and nonprofit organizations. We run the operations side of your travel program, while you enjoy the benefits of traveling at a discounted rate.

We offer the following benefits for groups traveling together:

  • Identifying the best options to meet your group’s needs.
  • Serving as an independent third party to mediate differing opinions.
  • Personalized registration website and payment plans.
  • Secure credit-card processing and registration forms.
  • Individualized itineraries with flights originating in any city.
  • Developing fundraising opportunities with travel.

Additional items to consider:

  • Do you have a group of 10 or more? We can customize a tour for you.
  • If you have 20 or more, your pastor can travel with you for free!
  • Do you want to add people from other similar congregations? We can help you reach them!

Contact Michelle today to see how we can make it easy for you to travel together.

About Our Travel Coordinator


Michelle Weber was inspired to create Rhode Island Travel’s faith-based travel program to build a stronger connection between Christians and their faith, through the transformative power of travel.  She is a lifelong Lutheran and an independent travel advisor affiliated with Montrose Travel in California.

Our Preferred Tour Company

Michelle has chosen Globus as its preferred tour provider, a company with nine decades of experience and a passion for travel. Globus has created a variety of uplifting itineraries that help you explore the roots of your faith and stand in the very places where events from Scripture actually occurred.